The inhabitant of the Zaporozhye area found in the purchased pork unpleasant discovery

Жительница Запорожской области обнаружила в купленной свинине неприятную находку

14 Aug in the popular public Berdyansk on Facebook there was a post from a local resident, in which she told about the terrible discovery in home-cooked pork.

So, before the girl purchased the pork in the Central market. Coming home made beef stew. When I started to put a serving on a plate, I noticed that the piece of meat sticking out something oblong, not like a worm.

The citizen appealed to the users of the social network with a question about what’s got her meat and how it is dangerous. As part of the stew has been eaten, the girl worried that might happen.

In the comments under the post you write that the girl ought to contact the sanitation center, to find out that she got into the meat, and that would once again protect themselves.