The inhabitant of Ukraine tried to bribe the Crimean border guard, to hold in the Russian Federation banned drugs

Жительница Украина пыталась дать взятку крымскому пограничнику, чтобы провести запрещенные в РФ препараты

A citizen of Ukraine tried to hold in Crimea a preparation containing a psychotropic substance and to bribe border officials. About it reports a press-service of the border guard in Kazakhstan.

“During customs control of persons crossing on foot the customs border at the checkpoint Dzhankoy, the citizen of Ukraine born in 1985, the Crimean customs officers had identified 300 vials of the drug “Nalbuphine”, containing psychotropic substance, circulation of which is prohibited in Russia. Customs Declaration was not carried out. The customs officer who carried out the fixation of the offence explained to the citizen the consequences of its illegal actions and said that the drug is withdrawn and directed for examination”, – told the press service.

So to “avoid” penalties and withdrawal of the drug, the woman suggested to the official of the customs office a bribe. The customs officer warned the citizen that her proposal is also against the law, however, despite the warning, she had realized her unlawful intent, and aggravated his situation.

The fact of transfer of a bribe was documented by the staff of Department on counteraction of corruption of the Crimean customs.

“On the smuggling of psychotropic substances in especially large size the Crimean customs initiated a criminal case, namely the smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors. On materials of Department of counteraction of corruption concerning the citizen who tried to bribe the inspector of the Crimean customs initiated a criminal case for petty bribery,” – said the press service.

Nalbuphine included nisoc psychotropic substances turnover in the Russian Federation is restricted and in respect of which allow the exclusion of certain control measures in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international treaties of the Russian Federation (the list III) approved by the RF Government decree of 30 June 1998 N 681 “On approval of list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the Russian Federation”.