The inhabitants of Melitopol often call the emergency gang

С чем жители Мелитополя чаще всего звонят в аварийку

Daily emergency dispatch service management company “Acqui-BUD” manages to accept and close 30 to 50 emergency applications of melitopoltsy. The reasons for the complaints varied – from simple lack of electricity in the apartment until the gusts piping and flooding the hallways.

– Emergency service – a separate structural unit consisting of 16 skilled professionals. This 8 8 electricians and sanitary workers. This structural unit is open 24/7 365 days a year regardless of holidays and weekends. Daily 329 houses that are in our service, “patrol”, two of the crew – two cars equipped with everything necessary. The main task – operative elimination of emergency applications at the utility of apartment buildings. Applications are received through the dispatcher service. Upon receipt of an application Manager ascertains the nature of this application and quickly sends emergency crews. If multiple applications are simultaneously executed in the order of accidents, territorial location or queue. After the application the contractor shall review in the software package, so that in the future, when restoration work day shift had information about the accident. Most of the appeals relate to the problems with electricity networks CWS and CC both inside the apartments and on the risers in the basement. When you start heating the residents complain about the cold battery. In addition to the houses that are on the service, we also invite emergency service cooperative homes, condominiums, objects of social sphere, – says Director of LLC “PSK “Acqui-BUD” Yuri Bayraktar.

Yuri Bayraktar stressed, to quickly resolve the problem, residents in the first place, should report them to the dispatcher service. Phones of dispatching service: +38 (068) 068-98-78 and +38 (097) 597-49-81.