The inhabitants of Zaporozhye scare stray dogs

Жителей Запорожья пугают бездомные собаки

The Cossacks complain of packs of stray dogs

The problem of stray dogs exists in the city for a long time. And if one or two dogs living in the yard, do not pose a serious threat, then the pack – this is a real danger.

Often stray dogs live where they are fed by the markets, “centuries” or enterprises. So, a long time ago a large pack of dogs living in the covered market. Opposite the market is a school. Dogs often lie on the way to school, and run up the territory. The people who work in the market, the animals throw scraps of meat right near the school. They claim that dogs are “good”, and nothing to fear. It is not surprising that the animals are not in a hurry to go anywhere.

“It was very scary”

Residents of Zaporozhye, who have to walk past the pack of dogs, say they’re scared of animals, and asked to bring in the market area order.

– Every day I go past those dogs to work. Sometimes they just lie and you can pass them. But it happens that dogs running around, barking. Scary to go by – who knows what they have in mind. Often I just walk around them on the roadway. And once walked on the sidewalk, they surrounded me and started barking. I stopped and just stood there so very long, yet not passed by a man and chased dogs. It was very terrible, – said the resident of Zaporozhye, Oksana. – We need to solve this problem and to restore order, to build a shelter. Stray animals a lot, but nowhere to put them.

The problem of homeless animals in our city engaged in KP “Pobutovi”. To them the Cossacks can go to the dogs sterilized and vaccinated. But after that, the animals will still be returned where caught. “Take and take” them nowhere.

There are in Zaporozhye and private animal shelters established by volunteers. But, as a rule, there are dogs who have some health problems. Treat them and parked in good hands. To take all the animals off the streets and keep their volunteers are not able to.

Home “building” for almost 10 years

The municipal shelter for homeless animals in Kiev “build” for almost 10 years. In 2011 developed the project of the shelter. Construction was supposed to end in 2013. However, this did not happen. In December last year on the construction of the shelter began to talk, in KP “Pobutovi” even said that for this isolated place. But still the construction has not begun.

Another problem is that in the city there’s no accounting for Pets. Affect of irresponsible people who do not sterilize their animals and then throw kittens and puppies into the streets, it is impossible.

Жителей Запорожья пугают бездомные собаки

Жителей Запорожья пугают бездомные собаки

Жителей Запорожья пугают бездомные собаки

Жителей Запорожья пугают бездомные собаки