The initiator of the demolition of the monument to Konev in Prague accused in the incident, Russia

Инициатор сноса памятника Коневу в Праге обвинил в произошедшем Россию

The head of the district Prague 6 ondřej kolář, initiated the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in the Czech capital, called to blame Russia. Moscow could have saved him, but did everything else, he says.

According to Kolář, the Russian side proposed to place a monument on the territory of the Embassy and was there protected from vandals, but diplomats said that the Czech Republic must itself ensure safety.

As reported, the decision to send the monument “for scrap” was made after Moscow called speculative theses about participation Konev in the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Such statements were posted on the explanatory signs on the monument.

“At the monument to Konev in defense of the monument started the action. We didn’t want a response and decided to just remove the monument,” he said.

The official stressed that he was unhappy with the reaction of the authorities of the Czech Republic, condemned the dismantling of the monument to the municipality. He also complained of threats to individual citizens of the country who believed in the information about the connections of his grandfather with the Gestapo.

The monument installed in the square of international Brigade in Prague 6, was removed from the pedestal 3 APR. According to the press-Secretary of the district administration of Ongea by Jan šrámek’s Studio, the sculpture will be placed in the territory of one of the commercial firms, and later it will go to one of the private museums in the Czech Republic. On the site of the monument will be a monument to the liberation of Prague in 1945, but it is unknown exactly how it will look. The investigative Committee in connection with this criminal case was made public about the desecration of the memorial of military glory of Russia.

Ruposters wrote that the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic had previously refused to assist Moscow in the return of the monument, though Russia is ready to buy it as a last resort.