“The inspiration of goodness”: in Lviv there are inspiring exhibition by artist Irina Eureka – 24 Channel

"Інспірації добра": у Львові відбувається надихаюча виставка художниці Ярини Юрик - 24 Канал

In Lviv Palace Lozinska – National gallery of arts. Boris Voznytsky takes a personal exhibition of watercolors by the famous Ukrainian artist Irina Eureka “Inspiration of goodness”.

The exposition of the exhibition consists of watercolor works from the series “My country…” and “Creation…”. These works were chosen by a jury of Interior design and watercolors (2017-2018) and for the first time in the history of Ukraine were exhibited at the National Museum Grand Palais in Paris, and was elected jury of the Autumn salon in Latin America (2016) and was exhibited at the Latin America Memorial in Sao Paulo (Brazil). In addition, these works of Irina Eureka was represented at the largest exhibition of art in the world Art expo New-York-2017 and the art Week in Miami.

Art inspires life in peace, mutual respect for others, respect different opinions and worldviews, in harmony and unity with nature. Stop the violence! Save the memory! Remember that all of us – current, past and future – in this world are only for a moment – says Yarina Yurik.

The exhibition “Inspiration of goodness” will run until July 28.

Who is yasmin Yurik?
Artist-aquarellist, member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine, candidate of architecture, honoured artist of Ukraine. Was born and lives in Lviv, where he is a Professor in the Department of design and basics of architecture of NU “Lviv Polytechnic”. Yarina Yura – the founder of modern cordocentesis ideological directions of watercolor painting in Ukraine. Selection committees of international exhibitions has chosen her work to be exhibited in many countries around the world. Picture of the Eureka winning victories in the international competitions of painting. Works are in private and Museum collections in Ukraine and world.

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