The Internet remembered about the unusual version of “Loaf”

В интернете вспомнили о необычной версии «Буханки»

The legendary “Loaf” has undergone various improvements and upgrades more than once, but is UAZ-468, with geared bridges, is a very interesting model.

New bridges have created a special military variations of the UAZ-469. The improvement of the design gave the opportunity to increase ground clearance. In 1962, Soviet designers decided to equip bridges “Loaf”. Already 2 years later UAZ-468 and UAZ-469 has begun to experience, and in 1965 they took on the Soviet army.

Mass production of bridges began only in 1972. Then built a van UAZ-468 and sanitary UAZ-468А. Tests have shown that cars have “military” bridges, have too high center of gravity, plus they were very fragile. The test was stopped, and the bridges were installed on SUVs.