“The Internet star”: in the river, a man distinguished conduct in the electronics store

«Звезда интернета»: в Днепре мужчина отличился поведением в магазине электроники

A man was caught on a hot at the Mall.

Lately in the river, the cases of thefts. For example, recently two ill-minded women stole a purse from an elderly woman in the bus. Fortunately, one of the attackers was detained. We also reported that the W/m Kommunar unknown regularly robbed the apartments of local residents.

Dnipro shared another case which recently occurred in the shopping center “cubic meter”. So, in one of shops of electronics unknown man stole a music column. He walked over to the shelf with the technique, took his blade, and quickly disappeared. It is worth noting that the thief is not embarrassed passing by the visitors of the store. The action was caught on a surveillance camera. Were you able to detain the man – not reported.

“Why buy? If you can steal and become a star of the Internet”, – commented on the situation in social networks.

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