The invasion of the Western corn rootworm: in the Odessa region has introduced a new quarantine

Нашествие западного кукурузного жука: в Одесской области ввели новый карантин

Farmers of Balta district of Odessa region found a dangerous pest – Western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte).

About it reported in regional management of Public service of Ukraine concerning food safety and consumer protection.

To date, Balta district administration has introduced a special quarantine mode in the territory of the agricultural enterprise “Victory” in the village Lisnychivka (in the area of 25 hectares). In addition, for localization and elimination of foci of quarantine of the specified body has approved a plan of phytosanitary actions to combat it. And have caught the bug, as noted, with the help of special tools – pheromone traps.

We will add that in Ukraine, the insect is not yet common everywhere and is a pest to corn crops, carrying fungal, bacterial and viral diseases of this crop. Destroy plants as larvae, and beetles, while the latter damage the leaves and sometimes young ears. In them reduces the number of seeds, and yields are declining. The larvae feed on the roots of corn, which leads to a significant decrease in root mass and weakening of the plants. Beetles and larvae are carriers of pathogens of fungal, bacterial, viral diseases of corn.