The invasion of Ukraine: us General made a prediction

Самое удобное время для вторжения в Украину: американский генерал сделал прогноз

Former commander of US forces in Europe, expert of the Center for European policy analysis (CEPA), Lieutenant General (retired) Ben Hodges called favorable time for a large-scale invasion of Russia led by President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

He told about it “Tigania”.

“Of course, that in September will have all preconditions, e.g. summer drought and water shortages in the Crimea. Moreover, the region continues to disinformation operation of the Kremlin, with which he attempts to talk about humanitarian disaster. Also this contributes to changes in the Constitution of the Russian Federation that the Russian authorities are trying to legalize their claims to the former republics of the Soviet Union. The Russians continue to give the citizens of Ukraine their passports. It’s all political and economic conditions,” – said Hodges.

According to him, it is also necessary to pay attention to the military exercises “Kavkaz-2020”, which will collect in the region of a considerable force of the armed forces, but at this stage the US has its own internal concerns.

“We digress, now we have the challenges and threats the pandemic COVID-19, violence on the streets continues, and especially because of the upcoming presidential election. September is only a few weeks before our elections. Add to this the absolutely wrong decision on the withdrawal of 9,500 American troops from Germany. Most of these forces were important for the organization of logistics, rapid reinforcements. Consequently, all of these things together do not necessarily mean that the attack will be. However, there are preconditions,” – said Lieutenant General.

He believes that it is therefore very important that you keep track of not only the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other countries in the region such as Georgia, Romania and Turkey. And the United States also drew attention to it, like NATO.

“Besides, I think that Germany and France should really put pressure on the Kremlin, but still did not. They have also faced their own internal challenges because of the need of recovery after the pandemic. So if the Kremlin deems that the West’s reaction will be minimal, it creates certain risks. Such calculations can lead to an attack of a certain type. Of course, I would be wrong in this. and I’m sure APU will do everything necessary to be ready to provide intelligence. Ukraine closely cooperates with Georgia, Moldova and Romania, to very carefully observe these teachings and everything happening on the Black and Azov seas. at the same time, you will need a whole range of intelligence capabilities such as electronic reconnaissance and Aero investigation. Ukraine demonstrates a high level of work with a UAV, it is also important. However, you need to watch the marine environment to know what is happening there”, – concluded the expert.