The investment forum after the murder

Инвестфорум после убийства

Saudi Arabia signed contracts worth 50 billion dollars on the opening day of the Riyadh international investment forum, demonstrating the ability to attract investment despite the boycott by Western politicians and a number of major international companies after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“We are experiencing a crisis caused by a very unfortunate and horrifying incident that occurred in Turkey, welcomed the audience with energy Minister Khaled al-Faleh. – But in our Kingdom is happening now the historical transformation of unprecedented magnitude, our train pulled away, he resolutely follows the path of change, and this movement will not be stopped”.

According to representatives of oil giant Saudi Aramco, has signed 15 memorandums of understanding worth more than us $ 34 billion. The list of partners includes companies from USA, France, China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and India. His opinion says the investment expert: “Many companies can afford to lose customers from Saudi Arabia, but the oil companies and the energy industry can’t afford to lose a client like Saudi Arabia, simply because it is among the three largest oil producers in the world.”

As stated on Monday the Minister of energy of the country, Saudi Arabia does not intend to cut oil production, as it was in 1973, and deals with the trade of oil separate from policy issues.

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