The iPhone 11 with the “camera-Changeling” will be the “killer” ASUS and OPPO

Будущий iPhone 11 с «камерой-перевертышем» станет «убийцей» ASUS и OPPO

In the network appeared the information about how will look iPhone 11.

New renderings of the future smartphone from Apple has excited the Network. It seems that the new device will be equipped with a rotary module with two cameras.

The source claims that both cameras will have the resolution of 20 MP, but one camera will have wide angle lens and another with a 5x optical zoom. The hinge will be triggered automatically when you switch to “selfie mode”, the speed of rotation is 5 times higher than the one which was able to achieve competitors.

This behavior is not typical for Apple, the company does not like to experiment much with the design. But design changes can be caused by the change of the management personnel in the Department of technical design. It should be recalled that after the departure of jony Ive, chief designer got Evans Hankey. Apple radically changes the design of the smartphone every 5 years (presumably, next time in 2020), but new people can greatly affect the design policy of the company.

While there is no 100% certainty that the smartphone will be equipped with “camera-a shifter”, but the Network claimed that the iPhone 11 will be a “killer” ASUS and OPPO. These manufacturers are equipped with a swivel mechanism and demand in the market. Sinks the design was very much the most common indicated on a square module with three cameras on the back and “the unibrow” on the front panel. If the company implement an articulated camera, the cutout in the screen will disappear.