the iPhone has helped to return stolen car

In the US, the iPhone has helped its owner to return the car, which was stolen. In General, the share of the owner of the smartphone, Victoria O’connor, dropped a few troubles previously she was faced with a fire in the house.

As 9to5mac reports, the girl living in Iowa (USA). After her house burned down, she moved all the important stuff in the car.

Once she got out of the car, forgetting your iPhone, wallet and keys. And after that the car was stolen.

How did you manage to return the car

Girl pre-installed on the iPhone feature Find My iPhone, so to find a smartphone could quickly. After receiving information about the whereabouts of the girl went to the police.

Law enforcement quickly found the car. In this case, no wallet, no iPhone was no longer there. The mobile police never found.

What is Find My iPhone?This is a feature that helps to find location of iPhone, which was stolen. Or lost. To activate it, go into “Settings” select “General” – “Restrictions” and then enter the password twice. Next on the list settings restrictions need to go to Privacy and select “Geolocation”.

Check the box for “Prevent changes”. On the same page go to “Find my iPhone” and make sure the switch next to “Icon in the status menu” to off. This will help keep secret the fact that on your smartphone enabled location services.

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