The Israeli portal “Country” wrote about the possible connection the Odessa businessman Adnan Kevan Islamic terrorists (video) – activist Dombrowski

Израильский портал "Страна" написал о возможной связи одесского бизнесмена Аднана Кивана с исламскими террористами (видео), - активист Домбровский

Israeli journalists interested person of the Odessa businessman of Syrian origin Adanna Kevan.

This theme is sounded in the interview that the journalist of one of the largest information portals Israel Simon] spent with the infamous social worker and activist Odessa Stas Dombrovski. The latter was invited to broadcast by the Israeli media to raise relevant to Israel the fight against Islamic terrorism.

In the context of this Israeli journalists interested person of the Odessa businessman of Syrian origin Adanna Kevan. About it writes the edition Kommentariyi

According to Stas Dombrowski, he became interested in the ins and outs Kevan Adnan after the story Antitrypanosomal Maidan.

“I’m one of the participants Antitrypanosomal Maidan. It was then that I found out. That all of us are simply used for their own purposes, and actually paid the protest Adnan Kivan. The reason – fight with the city of Odessa for a new job site and sphere of influence. Adnan Kivan already built the entire city its “pearls”. Moreover, how was it Adnan Kivan is one of the sponsors of the Maidan. Remember what started the protest in Kiev? From the post of journalist Mustafa Nayem – pocket journalist Adnan Kiwana” said Justin Dombrowski. According to the public man, a Syrian businessman is behind a number of pseudo-Patriotic organizations and actions in Odessa and in Ukraine. All this is not connected with love to Ukraine and desire to build a prosperous nation and banal greed and desire to earn.

Also Stas Dombrowski noted that Adnan Kivan suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It is known only that he was a Syrian businessman, but where the money – this question is impossible to trace.

“There are not millions and billions, it is unclear where taken. In the case of “Kadaram” the money come from nowhere…” – said social activist. “I resent that in Odessa the money is laundered Islamic fundamental terrorist organizations. Specifically terrorists,” said Justin Dombrowski.

As noted by Israeli journalist Simon], to the state, everything related to the fight against terrorism is important, especially when people can openly state the facts supporting terrorist activities. “Perhaps the activities of Adnan Kevan interested in MASSAD, I think. That only this organization can investigate,” – said Justin Dombrowski.

Also, the public man is sure that after this interview there will be people, not only in Odessa but also in other cities and countries who find the courage to openly talk about “business” Adnan Kevan.