The Italian artist collected from the designer Ducati motorcycle (VIDEO)

Итальянский художник собрал из конструктора мотоцикл Ducati (ВИДЕО)

Italian artist Riccardo Sangele collected from the designer Lego layout, the Ducati motorcycle in full size.

This man took 400 hours of work and thousands of parts, writes Brickfinder.

Sangele focused on the internal structure of the motorcycle Ducati Panigale R V4 and began to design his external panel from parts designer LEGO red, black and grey colors.

Only for project used 15 thousand items – they can fill a swimming pool.

The artist collected the motorcycle exclusively on the eye, not even turning to computer simulation tools. During 400 hours of work male rebuilt his Ducati eight times. The final version of the bike weighs more than the original 180 pounds instead of 165. This “toy” a copy is not worse than the present: it is possible to go.

“Participation in this project was the most exciting professional challenge I have ever faced. It helped me believe in the impossible,” admitted Sangele.