The Italian foreign Minister reminded “the migrant” past the Italians

Главі МЗС Італії нагадали "мігрантське" минуле італійців

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn has criticized the arguments of the Minister of internal Affairs, Vice-Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini on immigration.

This writes the Euobserver.

During the discussion of migration issues in Vienna Salvini said he did not want to see “slaves of migrants” in Italy, and also published a video of the meeting, which was held behind closed doors on Facebook.

“Damn it! They (the Italians. – Ed.) came as immigrants and worked in Luxembourg, that you had had the money to pay for their children”, – said the head of the Luxembourg foreign Ministry.

Salvini said he supported the plan of checking illegal immigrants for possible granting of asylum prior to their ascent to the shore of the EU, writes European true.

The UN intends to send a team to Italy and Austria to study reports of a sharp increase in violence and racism against migrants, people of African descent and Roma.

Prosecutors in Sicily have started investigation into the actions appropriate for an incident around the vessel of the Italian coast guard Diciotti, on Board of which was almost 180 migrants. The Italian government allowed the ship to go to the Sicilian port of Catania, however, did not allow the migrants to disembark, while the EU will agree to their resettlement.

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