The Jaguar electric motors were more efficient than the V8 of the same company (VIDEO)

Электромоторы Jaguar оказались эффективнее, чем V8 той же фирмы (ВИДЕО)

However, in a rather harsh conditions, your odds of being in which an ordinary car tend to zero.

Firm Jaguar shows close attention to fans of the iconic nürburgring: the company even keeps track of several so-called “race taxi”. Relatively recently, the number of sports cars on which you can officially ride on the famous track, joined electrocreaser I-Pace, and argues that any changes for the track coupe is not subjected to: a similar “racing taxi” can be bought from any dealer.

The experimenter Dan Trent has posted on Youtube an interesting video from a series on his trip to Europe for Jaguar I-Pace. He did not fail to drive to the nürburgring to test the crossover in “combat” conditions and using a test driver Dale Lomas to compare the advantages of I-Pace with other Jaguar sports cars at this track coupe F-Type SVR and hardcore SV sedan XE Project 8. Both are equipped with a quite large eight-cylinder engines.

And found that track the range of a few electrocreaser exceeds the capabilities of sports cars with V8: in the words of Lomas, if both cars are petrol with dry tanks after three laps of the Nurburgring, the battery I-Pace may be enough, and at four and six laps. As for charging time, another widespread stereotype, and in this case, electrocreaser rose to the occasion – however, due to local specifics.

As stated by Lomas, the opportunity to fill the petrol car on the Nurburgring can wait an hour, but to replenish the energy level of the electric vehicle with quick-charging station, half an hour is enough. By the way, the administration of the track plans in the future to significantly increase the number of charging stations for electric vehicles.