The Japanese escape from the coronavirus, said a tourist from Melitopol

Как японцы от коронавируса спасаются, рассказала туристка из Мелитополя

Why people call their country Nippon, and before a trip to Japan need to save a decent amount of money. How advanced local medicine that every Japanese man puts a quarter of his income, and why the local dogs live better than most of the Ukrainians? Knows about all this the inhabitant of Melitopol Elena, who recently returned from Japan and is ready to share impressions about the land of the rising sun readers “RIA-Melitopol” under the heading “Our overseas”.

Part I


Japan is a very expensive country for visitors, but not for the Japanese. The minimum wage in Japan our money – about 55 thousand UAH. but this and “dancing” prices and the cost of all services.

For example, to take a taxi three miles here is about 1.5 thousand UAH. If it’s any consolation, the door of taxi open automatically, the seats upholstered in white fabric with lace, even in the hands of the driver white gloves, – says Elena.

The average bill for lunch in Japan – 300 UAH. for dinner, the café will have to pay twice as much. High prices and food, but, according to Elena, it is justified. The quality and freshness of products in the country is watched very strictly: if a supermarket delivered in the morning fresh fish, then after 18.00 will sell it at a discount of 30 %, and if the fish will not buy, it will be thrown out.

Japan without sushi

Of course, everyone who comes to Japan wants to try sushi, so to speak, in the original version. This dish is called sushi and is not as diverse as in Ukraine. Moreover, when the Japanese see look like sushi, they fall into a state of shock. Here, says Elena, it’s simple: for the rice put the freshest fish, fold it in roll, cut into serving pieces and dip in soy sauce. And anyway, sushi is not a staple food in Japan.

According to Elena, the most popular and very hearty Japanese dish – soup ramen. It is cooked in a very rich broth made of meat, bone, and cartilage, adding noodles, vegetables, roots, soy sauce and eggs. Omelet replaces the Japanese tamago-yaki: while beating eggs into the mixture add the broth, soy sauce and spices.

The Japanese rice cooked together with beans, cooked separately spread on top of fish or meat – this dish is called makimono. On big holidays there is no food better than baked chicken. While around the world the chicken is considered harmful fast food, in Japan it is very popular.

How to rent an apartment without a host

Apartment in Japan, you can withdraw only by contacting the real estate company. The landlord meets the tenant at all will come he, and to check the status of housing and to take receipts.

Rental apartment in Japan is not cheap. Before you enter the apartment, you will have to pay the rent several months in advance, a Deposit equal to one month’s rent, and the same size of the remuneration of the realtor. Thus, renting a small apartment for 15 thousand UAH. in a month, just have to put not less than 55 thousand UAH.

But, according to Elena, if a Japanese company offers a job to a foreign worker, in most cases, takes the housing itself.

Where schools no cleaners

According to Elena, Japanese schools are not like schools in other countries. For example, the academic year here starts in April, and summer vacation lasts just a month.

Each school has its own form, each student individually sew her winter and summer variant. The Charter of each institution spelled out the rules relating to handbags, shoes and even hairstyles that you need to follow strictly. Even if it’s cold out, and the Charter spelled out the shorts, have to or for the child to wear shorts, or bring it to class at all.

And in Japanese schools there are no janitors – the students themselves must wash not only classrooms, but also hallways, bathrooms and Windows. According to Elena, in Japanese schools there are so many rules, but they are the basis of discipline among the local residents.

Scholarships that need to return

The younger generation of Japanese sees education as the main purpose of his life. It is believed that a smart man is good, and educated is even better.

Japanese students get a scholarship, but it has nothing to do with a scholarship in Ukraine – is a loan that is paid monthly to students. The scholarship can cover tuition costs, to pay for the Dorm and other living expenses. After graduation, young Japanese people into adulthood, even without a job, but huge credit behind. Afford not to take the scholarship can only children of wealthy parents.

– If young people cannot find work or if his salary is small, start the courts, and out of this situation is extremely difficult. The parents of the student trying to deny myself in everything, to train the baby to take as little as possible scholarships. Naturally, for this reason, higher education is not available to all, – says Elena.

Fashion mask and coronavirus

The Japanese are very concerned about their health and with the onset of the fall season immediately wear masks. Without exaggeration, in medical masks on улицах70 % of Japanese. So they are trying to protect against viruses and bacteria.

However, being in Japan, Elena realized that mask is the most brilliant of all that the Japanese came into Vogue. They not only protect from viruses, allergies, dust typhoons, and hide minor imperfections and perfectly save, if in the morning you do not have time to apply makeup or shave. Of course, now the Japanese wear masks not for cosmetic reasons – the rising sun Country became the third country in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus.

In drugstores of Japan is a great shortage of masks and disinfectants, but even if you are lucky and you found a pharmacy in which all of this is available, too early to rejoice. According to Elena, in terms of the virus threat they are sold no more than two in one hand…

To be continued

In the next part, read: why even MIKROSKOPIChESKOE tatuirovki will not take you to work and not even be allowed in the gym. What are the salaries of health workers and robots pharmacists carry pills on the house. And why the pensioners of Japan, dream to go to jail.