The Japanese launched a powerful elektrogitarre

Японцы выпустили мощнейший электрогиперкар

Japanese firm Aspark brought to the motor show in Dubai ready for the production version of its electric hypercar Owl. The new model is positioned as the most powerful and bystrorazvivajushchijsja production car in the world.

Trademark “Owl” is markedly different from the concept shown last autumn in Frankfurt. Hypercar received a traditional mirror on the built-in cameras, a more functional side glazing driver side, active rear wing automatically rises at speeds of 150 km/h and an enhanced interior. Dimensions double new – 4791x1935x993 mm and wheelbase 2750 mm. the Monocoque is made of carbon fiber body panels from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Hypercar dry weight – 1900 kg, the ground clearance is adjustable between 80 and 160 mm (three positions). Symbolic of the Luggage compartment holds 50 litres.

Powerplant Aspark Owl includes four synchronous electric motors with a combined output of 1480 kW (2012 HP) and 2000 Nm. For comparison, Battista Pininfarina generates 1900 HP and 2300 Nm, Rimac C_Two – 1914 HP and 2300 Nm, Lotus Evija – 2000 HP and 1700 Nm. In Owl Aspark motors are powered by 800-volt battery with a capacity of 64 kilowatt-hour, which provides a power reserve of 450 km on the NEDC cycle. Charging 44-kilowatt device is 80 minutes. To 60 mph (96 km/h) Japanese supercar accelerates in 1.69 seconds – faster than all competitors. Acceleration to 300 km/h in 10.6 seconds and maximum speed is 400 km/h will be constructed 50 such electric vehicles. Applications are already accepted at a price of 2.9 million euros.