The Japanese wanted to set fire to the office of the company Square Enix because of the failure in the game

Японец хотел поджечь офис компании Square Enix из-за неудачи в игре

40-year-old Japanese cinity of Hiratsuka addressed to the office of the company Square Enix demanding the return of the money he has lost in the mobile game. The man threatened to set fire to the office of the Studio, if that does not satisfy its requirements.

According to the portal FNNprime, the situation is quickly resolved: the representatives of Square Enix simply went to the police.

The attacker was arrested and on interrogation he stated that he was just very angry because he lost a lot of money. In the man’s apartment ransacked, but no combustible materials necessary to set fire, it is not found.

It should be noted that this is not the first such threat to Square Enix: in March, the 25-year-old threatened to kill employees of the publishing house that spent about $ 1,800 to get powerful in-game item, but did not wait for him.

What about Square Enix? It is a Japanese company engaged in the development and publishing of computer games. The greatest popularity came thanks to the franchises of computer roleplaying games Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts. In addition, Square Enix publishes a popular series of shooters Call of Duty (developed by Treyarch).