The Japanese will look for water on the moon: mission

Японцы будут искать воду на Луне: детали миссии

The newspaper Yomiuri shimbun reported on the preparation of unusual lunar mission within the joint space programs of Japan and India. Unmanned Lunokhod Japanese production will explore the surface near the North pole of the moon looking for water.

Date of start of the mission. According to news Agency “TASS”, in 2023, Japan intends to provide for the project a heavy rocket H-3 and the lunar Rover with equipment to detect water on the Earth’s satellite.

The purpose of the mission – exploration of the craters of the South pole of the moon to the surface where sunlight cannot reach. The discovery of ice deposits in the future may facilitate the colonization of the satellite.

The lander will use a modernized version of the Indian module “Vikram”, which is already sent to the moon on July 22 in the framework of the mission “Chandrayaan-2”.

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