The job traveler for $2,5 thousand in a week

Открыта вакансия путешественника за $2,5 тысячи в неделю

About the realities of this possibility during a pandemic coronavirus the employer does not speak.

In a network there was an opening for a traveler with a salary circa $ 2500 per week. This was reported on the website luxury things HushHush.

The duties of the applicant will include the testing of a luxury apartment. Expensive real estate around the world. For example, a castle on the French Riviera, Villa with 25 bedrooms, in Spain, house on the ocean in Florida and so on.

The officer will also make a detailed report about the objects. Each apartment needs to be described in 800 words, indicating the amenities, accessibility and design. It is necessary to determine the suitability of housing for HushHush website.

The employer promises a salary of about 2.5 thousand dollars a week.

The applicant must have no criminal record and be able to write good texts in the shortest possible time.