The judges were fighting over money: the President of “Agribusiness” about the beating of the arbitrator

Судьи ссорились из-за денег: президент "Агробизнеса" об избиении арбитра

Судьи ссорились из-за денег: президент "Агробизнеса" об избиении арбитра

The President of football club “Agribusiness” Oleg Sobocki once again laid out his version of the events of the beating of referee Yuri Ivanov in Volochysk. Referee beaten after the match of the 24th round of the First League between “Agribusiness” and “Meany”.

Sobecki, who is suspected of beating of the referee, once again rejected the charges. He declared it in interview to TV channel “Football 1,2,3”.

Fans wanted to Lynch

Sobecki said that along with the fans outside the stadium, on whose territory (probably in the room under the stands) was beaten by the referee.

He said that the fans wanted to make mob killings because of the actions of an arbitrator who has shown 8 yellow cards to players of “Agribusiness”.

Heard a lot that judges are behaving badly. Arrived our fans from Khmelnitsky, Ukraine were outraged. The crowd of people that came, I kept. Asked them: “Please don’t do this, don’t go.” They really wanted to do a lynching, but we did not allow it. In my eyes no one to beat, especially me. I wasn’t there. I have witness many people where I was,
said Sobecki.

Match referee after the game report indicated assault on the part of Sabotage. He also wrote a statement to police in which he asks to bring Sabotage to criminal liability.

Himself Sobecki questioned that referees were beaten at the stadium. In an argument, he said that Ivanov called the police.

I have a question for the arbitrators. If they claim that they were beaten in the locker room, then why didn’t they call the police? Especially a patrol officer they had. They did not call it and call 102. Why they started calling after a few hours, generally from another place? On the way they were beaten or in the restaurant. Talk to people and find out
said Sobecki.

However, Sobecki told new details of the scandal. He claims that there are people who can confirm that the judges were fighting over money.

“Where the judging room, where the aisle, people outside heard. What exactly, I cannot say. Let them interrogate, they will give an explanation. Between them quarrel was a cry that “I am free not going to work”. I am ready to testify right now. They can, do there fight for the money, who knows,” – said the President.

Sobecki who is willing to stop the activities of the Vice-President of the UAF, said that he knew about the number of yellow cards, who will get his team.

The scandal at the match “Agribusiness” – “Pass”: main

  • After the game became aware of the beating Ivanov. According to media reports, the referee was beaten in a stadium in the jury room. Who beat up the referee – is not known.
  • Show “Datoteke” reported that Sobocki cited three unidentified men who could beat up the referee.
  • “Profootball” reports that the police opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 125 “Deliberate slight injury”, putting the offender “unknown people”.
  • The case is going to retrain.
  • Ivanov allegedly took a beating not in Volochysk, where the match took place, and in Kiev. He did it because of a possible conflict of interest, because Sobocki has influence in the Khmelnitsky region.
  • Director of channels “Football 1,2,3” Alexander Denisov posted a photo of the beaten arbitrator.
  • If the guilt of Sabotage prove it, he faces a lifetime suspension from football activities.

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