The Kenyan set a new world record in the marathon – 24 Channel

Кенієць встановив новий світовий рекорд у марафоні - 24 Канал

Kenyan athlete Eliud Cpcay set a new world record in the marathon. During the Berlin marathon, he was able to overcome the distance in 2 hours 1 minute and 39 seconds.

Thus Kenyan 78 seconds bettered the world record, which before that belonged to another Kenyan athlete Dennis Cotto, which he established in 2014.

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I should add that Eliud Cpcay that three times in a row won the London marathon and is a medalist of the Olympic games, this showed an even better result – 2:00.25. But then it was not counted due to the fact that the Kenyan used the “specific technology” that were not approved for official competitions.

By the way, all three winning prizes at the Berlin marathon took Kenyan athletes. Regarding women, the best result is also in Kenyan female athletes Glads, Cherono – 2:18:11.

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