“The Khan men!”: The aliens from Nibiru will turn people into “kebab” – ufologist

May holidays can turn into humans turning into embers. Beam weapons of the aliens for 3 days is to incinerate people. To such conclusion the Russian expert, carefully examining the data to NASA.

Russian ufologists claim that he had received irrefutable evidence of the occupation of Land in may holidays. Taking advantage of days when the Terrans the most relaxed, idle and not ready for war, the massive fleet of Nibiru needs to enter the atmosphere and begin “cleansing” of the planet.

In the epicenter of the strike should get Russia – its fertile land and vast areas, rich in valuable for the newcomers resource (gold, platinum, minerals) is especially attractive for occupation. “Like Hitler’s troops, the aliens will use tactics of genocide unnecessary “individuals”, at least – is turning into slaves for mining. Our relatively young, resource rich planet is very attractive to aliens whose worlds have been depleted. People here – competitors and disturbance”, shares with us the representative of the far Eastern Academy of UFOlogy (DAU).

According to ufologists, they have stable anonymous source in NASA, which periodically “leaking” information, despite the confidentiality agreement. Many ufologists the world believe that NASA is hiding important to earthlings information, for a long time knowing about aliens and the impending attack.

In terms of survival of the human species this may be blasphemous, but NASA, under the control of the US government, performs its order – in whatever was to achieve the US championship as a world space power. The price may be too high, I am sure ufologist.

In the period from may 1 to may 3, according to an anonymous “illegal” data from NASA, the Earth has to “collapse” the fleet of the aliens from Nibiru who literally will start to turn vacationers into “kebab” using advanced particle weapons – ion emitters and high-precision laser system.

Speaking about the humanity of such an action, ufologist nervously grimaces. For them we are akin to ants, underdeveloped species, standing midway between the animal Kingdom and developed types. It is human nature the same relation to their counterparts – for example, experiments on primates.

Here is the best suited word from the verse Ilya Hell – “the Khan men!”.