The KHL season 2020/2021 completed ahead of schedule: first will be determined the winner of the Gagarin Cup

The management of Continental hockey League took the decision on early completion of the season in connection with the active spread of the coronavirus.

The Gagarin Cup winner will not be determined. This is the official website of the KHL.

The decision on the allocation of seats for the championship in 2019/20 will be made at a future meeting of the Board of Directors of the KHL. The Board of Directors of the League will determine the participants of the championship 2020/2021, after which the League will start the preparation of the calendar.

The League has developed many scenarios of further developments: from overtime of the championship in the period up to 30 April 2020 up to continue it in June and July. Currently, however, implementation of these scenarios seems unlikely.

Several clubs were forced to declare refusal from further participation in the playoffs. In addition, there would be difficulties with the return of foreign players to the territory of Russia. All this would deprive the tournament of sporty allure. Holding the playoffs without the teams who have won the right to fight for the Gagarin Cup, would be a violation of sports principles.

The continuation of the championship in the summer negatively affect next season. In such a scenario, clubs are required to completely change the usual time of summer vacations and pre-season, and the NHL was forced to shift the terms of the transfer Windows, move the start of the season at a critically late date, and also to reduce the number of games in the championship. Moreover, the 18 clubs in the League have already completed participation in the championship and began a methodical preparation for the season-2020/21.

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