“The Kiev power” intend to completely abandon oil circuit breakers by 2027

"Киевские электросети" намерены полностью отказаться от масляных выключателей к 2027 году

The company “DTEK Kiev power” promises to 2027 to completely replace all obsolete oil circuit breakers with modern vacuum.

At the moment, 65% of oil circuit breakers have replaced the environmentally safe, the press service of the company.

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Stated that all the substations and distribution points “DTEK Kiev power” today installed and working almost 6000 circuit breakers of different voltage level. Of these, more than 2000, or every third oil.

“We will gradually replace the old oil circuit breakers with a new vacuum. This year alone, and mount the 170. Over the last 5 years in the capital has not identified any of the oil switch. Do it deliberately. And plan by the end of 2027 to go in this segment of the equipment 100% oil-free regime,” – said General Director of “DTEK Kiev power” Maris Kunickis.

As noted, the main advantage of modern vacuum circuit breakers is their high durability, efficiency, compactness, ease of repair, fire and explosion safety.

It is also known that they do not contain petroleum products and other hazardous substances and are friendly to the environment.

DTEK oil & gas reached a daily production of 5 million cubic meters of gas

The design is oily, on the contrary, contain petroleum products which get into the soil or water, can cause significant damage to the environment. For example, one liter of oil can contaminate 500 cubic meters of water.

Earlier in “DTEK Kiev power” promised by 2021 to completely replace all mercury lamps operating at environmental led.

As you know, “DTEK Network” is developing the business of distribution of electricity and operation of electric systems in Kiev, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Odessa regions. Companies provide service to 5.4 million households and 150 thousand enterprises. 100% company owned by SCM Limited. The ultimate beneficiary is Rinat Akhmetov.