“The king outside the law” at the film festival in Toronto

"Король вне закона" на киносмотре в Торонто

Hope Dramina

The historical epic “king of the outlaws” – the last film by Scottish Director David Mackenzie. With its world premiere kicked off the 43rd international film festival in Toronto.

The film tells of the struggle for the independence of Scotland against England. The image of the legendary king Robert I the Bruce, who at the end of the XIII century led the liberation movement, embodied on the screen Chris pine.

Critics did not fail to notice that described in the film, the story echoes the plot of “Braveheart” with Mel Gibson.

“The film was shot a long time ago. And when creating the basis was taken a completely different model. You know, it is not so relevant to me. I haven’t watched “brave heart”. So this tape does not affect my worldview for me as a Director”, – said the critics David Mackenzie.

The film festival in Toronto runs until September 16.

In the world, the film “King outlaw” presented by Netflix, will be released in November.

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