The Klitschko brothers have tested the strength of the glass floor of the new pedestrian bridge in Kiev – video

Братья Кличко испытали на прочность стеклянный пол нового пешеходного моста в Киеве, - видео

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko and his brother Vladimir checked the strength of the glass floor of a new pedestrian and Bicycle bridge between Vladimir hill and the Arch of Friendship of peoples.

The Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration reported on his Twitter page.

“Glass floor experienced!” signed video the mayor of Kiev.

In order to test the strength of glass structures, Vitali Klitschko together with his brother, former world Boxing champion Vladimir, which bounced. According to the mayor of Kiev, the load floor is not scare – 1 square meter of such a cover can withstand the load of 1150 kg.

“Glass, who arranged the floor platforms – also Ukrainian. It is sturdy, I have personally experienced. In Germany, bought the expansion joints and bridge guys,” – said Vitaly Klitschko.

The length of the new pedestrian bridge – nearly 212 metres. The new transition is based on four pillars, two intermediate, in which he changes direction, and two supports on both sides of the bridge. The height of the highest support 32 meters, the lowest is 22 meters. 70 square meters floor observation decks are created of glass.