The Kremlin declared persona non grata by the Ukrainian diplomat

Кремль объявил персоной нон грата украинского дипломата

The employee of Consulate General of Ukraine in Saint-Petersburg was declared the Kremlin’s persona non grata in Russia. The decision of the Russian leadership has taken in response to similar actions of the Ukrainian authorities in relation to the citizen, who worked in Moscow under diplomatic cover of the Russian Consulate in Lviv, “Interfax” reports, citing the foreign Ministry.

“In response to such an unfriendly and unwarranted step of Kiev, the Russian side was forced on the basis of reciprocity declare persona non grata the employee of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Saint-Petersburg”, – said the Ministry.

As noted by the Russian foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian security services in may 2019 “staged another provocation, arbitrarily declaring employee of the Consulate General of Russia in Lviv persona non grata.

Russian diplomats say that the SBU three months has not released this information.

They suggested that the concealment of the said fact, “due to the domestic political games” in Ukraine.

As reported, on 13 August, the SBU reported that in the Lviv region local resident gathered intelligence for the Russian secret services and handed them to the Russian intelligence officer, who worked under diplomatic cover of the Russian Consulate in Lviv.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence services, “for activities incompatible with the status of consular officials, the foreign Ministry of Ukraine has announced a diplomat-spy persona non grata”. He had already left the territory of Ukraine.

According to the materials: