The Kremlin has invited US to convert Ukraine Venezuela

Кремль предложил США обменять Украину на Венесуэлу

The Kremlin is losing billions of dollars because of the revolution in Venezuela, ready for exchange. The Russians have promised the Americans to leave Ukraine alone.

Attention to the important signal from Moscow drew in Facebook known Ukrainian journalist Andrei Tsaplienko.

The other day an interview with the influential American TV channel Fox News gave the top-Manager of “Alfa-Bank” Maxim Shashenkov. He says that the Kremlin has suggested that the US and EU “to make the territory of the joint interests of Europe and Russia” in exchange for non-interference in the situation in Venezuela.

In fact, from his words, Putin’s regime has proposed to Washington the exchange: Russia is out of Ukraine, and the United States in response do not insist on the overthrow of the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, billions of dollars of Russian assets in the country do not touch.

“Here it is. Venezuela in exchange for Ukraine. The Kremlin voiced their intentions through the mouth of chief financial officer Fsmessage Bank of Russia”, – said Tsaplienko interview, assuring that the words Sachenkova – “it’s just the ripples from the battle of the deep-sea giants.”

“They offered to exchange Ukraine to Venezuela, and in this case throw the bait swallow if her America. But we still observe the consequences of geopolitical games of world powers and that it considered the shelling in the Donbass”, – said the journalist.