The Kremlin is hiding the truth about missiles: US intelligence – 24 Channel

Кремль приховує правду про нові гіперзвукові ракети: дані розвідки США - 24 Канал

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that serial production of hypersonic missiles is already started. However, it required the essential components of carbon fiber with a source of Russia can not find.

On it informs TV channel CNBC, citing sources familiar with the intelligence report USA.

So, the Kremlin decided that carbon fibre, which is used in the production of missiles are unreliable, so started looking for another option. However, the publication notes that Moscow has determined the program priorities and plans to complete the creation of a missile until 2020.

Body hypersonic vehicle cannot withstand heating during re-entry (into the atmosphere) and internal systems fail
– said one of the sources.

The source reports that following the flight plan on Dec.

“It is clear that Russia’s attempts to develop high-tech weaponry is what we carefully observe. However, until now we have seen more grandiose statements about the success than actual evidence,” – said the representative of the Ministry of defense Eric Pachon.

“We continue to develop our own defense capabilities and improve readiness of self and our allies to confront any threat that may create a Russian”, – he stressed.

Intelligence analysts suggest that the developers of the Russian hypersonic weapons may be able to achieve the desired operational performance of the missile until 2020.

Earlier, CNBC reported that the new Russian nuclear submarine fleet will be given in readiness until 2024. We are talking about the fourth generation submarines with ballistic missiles. Each of the 20 boats armed with missiles “Bulava” – it can carry up to ten hypersonic nuclear blocks.

What hypersonic weapon?Hypersonic motor differs from a conventional supersonic combustion. Therefore, a hypersonic weapon can travel at least five times faster than the speed of sound, or about one mile per second. Moreover, the United States currently are unable to protect themselves from such threats. However, In contrast to jet and rocket propulsion systems that can be tested on the ground test hypersonic aircraft is only possible in expensive experimental facilities or the starting complexes, which lead to high costs during development. Experimental model after triggers are normally destroyed during or after completion of the tests, which preclude their reuse.

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