The Kremlin would welcome the humiliation Zelensky, Taylor testified in the U.S. Congress

В Кремле были бы рады унижению Зеленского, - Тейлор дал показания в Конгрессе США

In the Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, which is conducting an investigation within the procedure of impeachment of Donald trump, issued a transcript of the testimony temporarily d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor.

Temporary charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine told the American legislators that providing Ukraine with defense assistance directly contacted by the administration with the beginning in Ukraine of an investigation in respect of the company Burisma. About it reports “Voice of America”.

I clearly understand that the military assistance will not be released until the President of Ukraine does not guarantee that it would undertake an investigation,

– said Taylor.

He also added that the United States demanded investigation into alleged interference with the territory of Ukraine in the elections in the United States in 2016.

In one of the episodes published evidence Taylor says about what could happen if President Vladimir Zelensky made a public statement that Ukraine will resume the investigation against the family of former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. According to Taylor, if Zelensky made such a public statement, it would have caused criticism within Ukraine, and would also weaken the position of Ukraine in the international arena.

He believes that it would please the Kremlin.

The Russians are actively watching. Russians pay attention to how much support the Americans plan to provide the Ukrainians. The Russians put pressure on Ukraine. They put pressure on Ukraine at the Donbass. It would play into the hands of Russia, and I would have resigned

– said William Taylor.

In addition, Taylor said that during a visit Zelensky in Canada he together with the head of his Office Andrey Bogdan met with the special representative Department of State Kurt Volker. He instructed Zelensky on the future a phone conversation with trump.

Volcker and the US Ambassador to the EU Sandline Gordon, Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry and attorney trump Rudolph Giuliani attorney called “informal channel”, through which carried out the policy of Washington towards Ukraine.

On 31 October the House of representatives of the USA Congress by the majority of voters voted for the definition of the procedure of impeachment of President Donald trump. The decision was supported by 232 of 431 members of Congress. Voted against the 196 Republicans. The vote was the first official test of the relevance of parliamentary investigation against the President of the trump.

Why does Trump want to impeach?

  • In July during a telephone conversation trump allegedly promised the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the relationship between the two countries would improve if Ukraine will resume the investigation into the gas company “Burisma”.
  • This company has to do with the son’s chief rival trump in the presidential election Joe Biden – hunter. More about what is this scandalous company, please click here.
  • On September 25 the White house released the transcript of the conversation, held two months earlier. Full text in Russian (translation 24 channel) – read here. It reads: tramp Zelensky said that “it would be good” if he explored the case of Biden.
  • This scandal was not without consequences. Because of him, in the House of representatives announced the beginning of formal procedure of impeachment of the President


What is known about the impeachment of the presidents of the United States?

In the entire history of the USA impeachment procedure was subjected to two presidents: Andrew Johnson in 1868 and bill Clinton in 1998-99. But they both were acquitted in the Senate and therefore was not removed from office.

Richard Nixon had not formally been impeached, but in August 1974 he resigned because of the imminent threat of ouster in connection with the Watergate scandal.