The lack of proper care of the teeth causes cancer

Отсутствие правильного ухода за зубами вызывает рак

Scientists said that the dismissive attitude of people to the hygiene of the oral cavity are able to trigger the development of cancer. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

In particular, this was told by staff at Columbia University, which is located in the United States of America. They noted that improper care of teeth in the human oral cavity begin to actively proliferate the bacteria F. Nucleatum. Most often they are found in dental plaque. These bacteria can get into the human gut. Here under the influence of F. Nucleatum and appear cancer. Basically, their presence is fatal.

Scientists conducted the study, which was attended by people suffering from colorectal cancer. In the process of studying case histories, it became known that at the time of the occurrence of the above diseases in the body of volunteers activated protein annexin A1. The latter is a connecting link between F. Nucleatum and tumor cells. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that people to more closely monitor the health of your teeth and adhere to basic rules of hygiene.