The largest auction house Mecum will sell a record 1,750 motorcycles

Крупнейший аукционный дом Mecum продаст рекордные 1750 мотоциклов

Next week will be an auction in Las Vegas, where the auction house Mecum will open the door for all visitors to the biggest annual sales of motorcycles. In 2019 will be approximately 1 750 units of motorcycles, which sell, or collections, or separately.

The largest collection of “MC Collection”, included in the auction sheet imported from Stockholm, Sweden. It is a rare motorcycle: replica Hildebrand & Wolfmuller 1894, 1905 Indian Camelback, the Flying Merkel V-Twin 1914, Model T Pope-17 1917, Munch Mammut 4TT 1968, 1978 Ducati NCR Racer. The collection was assembled over 50 years.

In addition to “MC Collection”, the sale will be dozens of other private collections (for example, Moto Armory or Rickey Jensen Indian Collection). Auctioneers expects good results, because last year has sold 92 per cent of equipment, and revenues amounted to $ 13 million.

The full list of motorcycles can be found on the official website.