The largest companies paid 10% more income tax

Крупнейшие компании выплатили на 10% больше налога на прибыль

Major payers by 2018 declared 77,4 billion UAH of income tax, which is 6.7 billion, or 9.5% more than the actual charges for the same period last year.

It is noted that large taxpayers have provided more than 63.8% of the accrued profit tax of the total profits for the country.

With the large payers in the fourth quarter of 2018 to the payment of the declared 21 billion UAH of income tax, which is UAH 2.5 billion or by 13.2% more than the charges of the third quarter of last year.

In General, the results of Declaration campaign in the revenue large taxpayers to 5.39 trillion UAH 714,6 billion or 15.3% higher than revenues for 2017.

The income of large taxpayers account for almost 57% of revenues in Ukraine in General.


The world Bank stated that the replacement in Ukraine of a tax on profit tax on capital derived best a very limited circle of influential individuals.

As you know, the IMF urged the presidential Administration to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to replace the income tax with a tax on the capital.

IMF expresses serious concern about the loss of state budget revenues.

President Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Parliament a law on the tax on derived Kapitals into account the proposals of the relevant budget compensation in July 2018.

The tax on capital is derived assumes that businesses do not have to pay 20% of the state, and you can invest this money in the development of the company.

For foreign investors it means that the tax rate is fixed to 15%, while the tax burden on companies can be up to 25%.

There is reason to assume that the tax on capital derived in the first two years will bring to the budget less than the income tax, but in the third year, revenues will rise sharply, choking off the shortage of the first years, while about 7% of GDP, instead of the current 2-3%.

The Ministry of Finance is developing a model of a tax on the capital of companies with a turnover of not more than 200 million hryvnia.

More about the situation with the introduction of the tax on the capital of Ukraine you can read in the article on the Economic truth: the Tax on the capital that changes the law Poroshenko

Крупнейшие компании выплатили на 10% больше налога на прибыль

Крупнейшие компании выплатили на 10% больше налога на прибыль