The largest low-cost world carried passengers on the aircraft without the necessary technical documentation

Крупнейший лоу-кост мира возил пассажиров на самолетах без необходимой техдокументации

The largest low-cost world Southwest Airlines blamed the fact that he carried 17 million passengers within 2 years on the aircraft, which had no documentary evidence for the passage of necessary maintenance.

This is stated in the draft audit of the U.S. Department of transportation, which was available to the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. The report also criticised the oversight of the airline by the Federal aviation administration (FAA).

Audit of the Ministry revealed that there are problems with 88 Boeing 737, which is an American low-cost received in the period from 2013 to 2017 from 16 different airlines.

FAA in November 2019 stated that inspections of 39 airplanes, Southwest Airlines received from the secondary market, revealed a previously unspecified in the documents repairs or incorrectly completed repairs.

In response, the airline said that any assumption that the allowed weakening of the standards, are completely unfounded. Southwest Airlines has also sent its disagreement with the audit Office of the inspector General – the body which monitors the actions of the Ministry of transport.

According to the statement low-cost, he had already conducted a complete check of 75 aircraft. 13 Airliners which are severe forms of maintenance are tested. In Southwest Airlines emphasize that the previous owners have completed the repairs, but did not qualify them accordingly because of language differences and criteria for repair.