The largest Mall Respublika Firtash was able to sell

Крупнейший ТРЦ Respublika Фирташа смогли продать

The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits in the course of the “Dutch” auction sold rights of requirements on two loans in the collateral which is unfinished capital shopping and entertainment center Respublika.

This is stated on the item’s page in the “ProZorro.Sale.”

The winner of the auction was the company “Solteks Capital”. The auction winner will pay for an unfinished Mall 777,131 million.

The auction was attended by three companies, but two of these bids during the auction were reported.

In addition to an unfinished shopping Mall in the mortgage Bank was a mortgage of three land plots with a total area of 15.72 hectares and property rights according to pre-lease retail space in the Mall.

The investor of the project of shopping Mall Respublika was oligarch Dmitry Firtash. Asset been pledged for loans of a bankrupt Bank “Nadra”.

According to YouControl, the ultimate beneficiary “Solteks Capital” is a citizen of the UK Johnson, Robert Alan. Authorized persons – Andrew Lechicki and Basil Astion.

The authorized capital of OOO “Solteks capital” is 3.1 million. The activity of the company is “Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funds”.


For the first time, the shopping center “Republic” was trying to sell 7 July 2017 over 2.5 billion UAH.

Крупнейший ТРЦ Respublika Фирташа смогли продать