The largest meteor shower of the year will take 16 cameras

Anyone will be able to watch meteoric shower of the Perseids online using the latest software.

Крупнейший метеорный поток года будут снимать 16 камер

Fans of cosmic phenomena will be able to watch the largest meteor shower of the year right from your home. Especially for the entertaining thread in the Arizona crater will install 16 CCTV cameras. Powerful software connected with Lowell Observatory and telescope at the University of Embry-riddle. Nick moskovitz, who heads the project, says its goal is to discover new meteor showers, and to better understand the connection between meteors asteroids and comets in the Solar system. “Measuring the trajectory with high accuracy, we can determine where they came from” – said the scientist about the goals of the program.

The camera will be able to pinpoint the crash site, the largest of the meteorites and shoot is a spectacle on a Grand scale. The project differs from the other programs observing celestial objects through a unique shooting methods “on the fly”. A special program analyzes the data from 16 sensitive cameras that will take pictures of the event and with high precision to determine the location of Meteora. A standard survey includes the views from one camera with lens “fisheye” or “fisheye”.

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