The largest tax fraud linked to export outside Ukraine of raw materials – Kozak

Самые крупные махинации с налогами связаны с вывозом за пределы Украины сырья - Козак

Taras Kozak in an article published edition Gordon, said that the largest tax fraud in the country associated with the exportation outside Ukraine of raw materials. He stressed that the customs documents of major companies indicate the price of the exported products, which is much lower than the market, according to

According to Taras Kozak, Ukraine’s largest tax fraud connected with export deliveries of raw materials. Large companies sending their products abroad, indicated in the customs documents the price is significantly different from the market, and in the smaller side. Raw materials exported from Ukraine to a solid scale – ships and trains.

Overseas buy his first company-“strip”, registered in offshore jurisdictions. These structures then sell the raw material at market value. Naturally, all profit goes offshore. In confirmation of the words of the economist cites a large Corporation, controlled by the Ukrainian oligarchs. Typically, data structures are registered outside the country, while farming (or mining) of raw materials, as well as primary processing, carried out on the territory of Ukraine. Budget losses from such fraud far exceeds the taxes that are not paid by physical persons-entrepreneurs. The scope here is committed other.