The last episode of the documentary maker Alexander Rastorguev available for online viewing

Последний сериал документалиста Александра Расторгуева доступен для онлайн-просмотра

The last episode of the documentary maker Alexander Rastorguev “I” became available for online viewing. The first ten episodes of the reality project published on Start. Then every Sunday on the platform will appear five series, said the press service.

The eight heroines of the reality of the project – the usual Russian women, selected at the national casting – recorded his daily life. Each of them are close to many problems. One had to make a difficult decision – to give birth to a child whose father abandoned her. Another dreamed of owning your own business, third concealed from her mother’s affair with the former, who escaped a year ago from the altar. Getting used to the camera, the heroine did not stop shooting even in the most emotional moments. Their tears, joy, fights and doubts appeared on the screen without censorship and without embellishment. Besides, all the stories unfolded in real time: new series was mounted on a rolling material from the heroines, and were not prepared in advance as a “season.” The end of each of the stories, where’s it going – did not know neither the authors nor the heroine.

According to the chief editor of the project Susanna Braniewo, “Sasha’s life is tragically cut short when he was planning a new big movie. And it turns out that the series “It’s me” – the last major completed project of the pilot. Why is he talking about women? Even when we made a casting in Rostov-on-don before the filming of the movie “I love you”, “I don’t love you”, we understand that Russia has a female face… Women showed their only life, in which alone raised children or bossed men, tirelessly looking for my second half, threw themselves into the battle for the men, and then over the years they nursed… They took responsibility, that is, did exactly that in the first place needs to do Director. They directed his life and was ready to produce it on display. Authentic&33; This courage… We were going to do a similar project with men. He started casting. Thousands of contenders – base is preserved. The intent was to make a children’s series. Sasha was in talks with different TV channels. Flaubert said “Madame Bovary is me”. Thank God, Sasha’s life was enough to along with heroines say: “This is me””.

The producer of the video service Start Irina Rastorgueva Pine considers “one of the best documentary filmmakers in the country”. “He has set a unique experiment on the form of documentary films for teaching characters to remove themselves. In his films the characters and circumstances seem so natural that sometimes it seems that no one is directed. This was the phenomenon of the pilot. His projects always had a lot of truth and beauty, and Directors, which this beauty was created, was life itself and Sasha. I’m sure the audience will feel how “I” special project. And it is very important that Sasha’s latest, earned so hard, a film serial, see the Internet audience”, – said the producer.

The project was aired by the First channel, but all the series was never shown as online-the series premiere did not take place.

“”This is me” – the last project is awesome, unique and immensely talented Director Alexander Rastorguev. Who loved him as her own child. Has invested all his energy, his heart and soul. And… don’t always hear comments related to the need to do a project for an audience of Federal channels. Sasha is like a real Creator, and he was like a big kid. He heard but didn’t listen. And continued to do his will. But now I understand how good that Sasha didn’t hear. Thanks to his obstinacy, and perseverance we have the project “I&33;” in the form in which he wanted to see him. And the voice of the pilot speaking over as Navigator in the lives of the heroines of the project,” says author and creative producer Elena Afanasyeva.

Последний сериал документалиста Александра Расторгуева доступен для онлайн-просмотра

Последний сериал документалиста Александра Расторгуева доступен для онлайн-просмотра