The last hunt rush. Major scandals involving the Director of NABU

Последняя охота Сытника. Главные скандалы с участием директора НАБУ

Parliament may soon send in resignation of the Director of NABU Artem Sytnik. Signing for it in the Parliament assembled.

The formal reason was the entry of a disturbance into the registry corrupt. It happened after a high-profile case about the rest of the main antikorruptsionera country in the hunting grounds Exactly. Where the chief of anticorro fun for others and forgot to make this gift in his Declaration.

Being in this registry prohibited to hold positions such as Director of the NABU. And the Parliament has every reason to fire rush.

The Director of NABU blames the intrigues against himself Arsen Avakov and Igor Kolomoisky. And threatened the Ukrainian government with consequences in the West, if the dismissal takes place.

However, it is worth noting that the talk of resignation of the head of the anti-corruption Bureau has intensified after the wind changed in the United States. Over the trump ceased to hang the threat of impeachment and he began to push on all fronts of the Democrats and their supporters. To lobby the latter will include traditional and Artem Sytnik, who enjoyed the favour of the former U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who was fired by trump.

Moreover, Sytnik was one of the persons involved in scandal with charges against the campaign Manager of trump Paul Manafort. It is the NAB led the case for “the Ledger” of the Party of Regions, which was then vydvinuli charges against Manafort.

In addition, there is a recording of the conversation where Sytnik recognized in their work in favor of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 elections.

That is, the White house has no reason to support the head of NABOO. Just the opposite.

But it is important not only that.

Plays an important role and the attitude of the Disturbance in Ukraine. First of all – huge questions about the effectiveness of its work.

Sytnik, head of the Bureau since its founding in 2015. Since no senior official at the level of Minister, MP or mayor of a large city in jail on corruption charges sat down.

He Sytnik regularly caught in scandals. And the story of his undeclared recreation, about which it is made in the register of corrupt officials is just one of them.

Not the loudest. But certainly the anecdotal.

Through such stories happening obvious “desacralisation” of the head of the NEB, which, in virtue of the office must demonstrate intolerance to corruption.

Naturally, with such a train Sytnik is unlikely to work effectively, regardless of how it actually apply Western partners.

For a General understanding of “Country” has collected in chronological order the major scandals that hit the head of the NABOO.

Interference in American elections

On 18 August 2016, the NEB released photocopies of the 19 pages of “black accounting” of the Party of regions, referring to the political strategist and the head of the election campaign of Donald trump by Paul Manafort. He worked in Ukraine, former President Viktor Yanukovych.

It caused a scandal overseas, and Manafort was dismissed. A few years locked up in prison for receiving illegal funds abroad and money laundering.

Even then, it looks like an active work Sytnyk and several other figures in favor of Hillary Clinton. By the way, after winning the trump in the election of NABOO to this business he never came back. But the very fact in the black accounting of the Party of Regions in Ukraine is gradually collapsed.

And in March, 2019 MP Boryslav Rozenblat accused Sytnyk in the transfer of the headquarters of the candidate for US presidents Clinton information from the “black accounting” of the Party of regions during the elections in the United States in 2016. He released an audio recording with the voice of rush.

“I also helped him, or rather not to him but Hillary… trump domestic issues dominated over foreign, and Hillary is one of those politicians that benefit America and the world. For us it would be better, but for Americans better what makes the trump,” – said on the tape, a man whose voice was similar to rush.

He admitted that he “leaked” “black accounts”, but it didn’t help Hillary Clinton, and the FBI helped Trump to win.

After a couple of months the Prosecutor General’s office called the Director of the NAB for questioning in proceedings of the RRG about his possible interference in the US presidential election in 2016.

In the autumn of 2019, the ex-Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that Sytnik confirmed in person to the head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky support and interest in winning the election in Hillary Clinton, who was the main opponent of Donald trump.

As reported, Lutsenko, from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation such actions are not illegal, however, the United States and personal attorney trump Rudolph Giuliani see this as interference in the internal Affairs of the country.

Currently in this case has not set the final point.

Disclosure secrecy of the investigation

In 2017, the Prosecutor General’s office brought the case, which included the head of the NABOO. Artem Sytnik was accused that he had divulged to journalists the details of high-profile cases, violating state secrets and two articles of the Criminal code.

Before this closed meeting was held the head of NABU Sytnyk with some representatives of the media. During a call, “ofrecords” Sytnik said about the Affairs of MPs Martynenko and Onishchenko and the public Prosecutor Kulik, seized $1.5 million of Yanukovych and some other secret details and personal data of the defendants.

In particular, he quoted a phone conversation wife Kulik with a friend, where she of them said that even with the gifts you have to pay tax: “even If you sucked, you still pay the tax.” That is Sytnik released the results of the wiretapping.

However, then Yuri Lutsenko declared that the criminal proceedings against the disturbance is not open, and he is only suspected of possible involvement in the disclosure of classified data. In the end, the matter was hushed up.

Wiretapping capital of the synagogue

In 2018, the Jewish community accused the Director of NABU in tapping the parishioners of the Central synagogue of Kiev. Most likely, could listen to member of Parliament George Logoiskogo.

Artem Sytnik said that information about listening to the congregation of the detectives Bureau is a fake. But at the same time privately met with the chief Rabbi of Ukraine and Kiev Moshe Reuven Asman in connection with this scandal.

The Rabbi said that the NEB pursues parishioners and that he personally spoke with witnesses who talked about the pressure on them and threats from the investigators to NABOO to give false testimony and to discredit innocent people.

Also Moshe Reuven Azman issued a report on the results of conducting audio surveillance. He was accused of wiretapping personally Sytnyk.

Crimean weave

Another scandal Sytnik landed in the autumn of 2018. SAP filed criminal proceedings against the chief of NABOO, which concerned the sale of land in the Crimea on the territory of the coastal zone.

The family of Artem Sytnik owned luxury area 0,0416 ha in horticultural society “Mirage” in Nakhimov district of Sevastopol. Shortly before the annexation of the Crimea, in 2013, his 94.3 per thousand hryvnias acquired spouse of Anna Sytnik.

In early 2015, when launched the competitive selection of the Director of NABU, Sytnik filed the documents to participate in it.

At specialized sites appeared the announcement of the sale of allotments in “the Mirage”. The seller of the land was listed Anna and indicated the phone number of the wife of the disturbance. 28 Feb 2015 the woman was granted the right of alienation of land in the Crimea issued in the name of a native Cherkasy region Elena Nedyalkova. While the ownership of his wife, four acres of land in the annexed Crimea.

That is, de jure land ownership Sytnyky, and de facto the land sold. This confirms the fact that the Russian registers from August 1 in 2017 shows the new owner – a native of Volgograd Andrey Pylov. He bought land from a Russian citizen nedbaylov the ruling by proxy from the sytnyky, for 900 thousand rubles.

The transaction of sale was conducted under Russian law, the Crimean notary. Tax – 6600 rubles left in the Treasury of the Russian Federation.

A witness in the case Sytnik Nikolai Nagako told “the Country,” as rush instructed him to meet friends from the Crimea – and apparently, for the transfer of money for this deal.

“Met at the border with the Crimea, but already on our territory. A married couple, as I understood from the conversation, carried Sytnik money, apparently, for the sold land in the Crimea. What is plot and how it was sold do not know, do not ask. These people, most likely, were intermediaries in the deal, some of his friends. Stayed at the rush, and the next day he drove them to the airport”, – told Nadeko.

The verdict on this case yet. More on this story we told here.

Night Poroshenko

In the spring of 2018, the head of the NABOO noticed a night visit to the household of Petro Poroshenko.

Journalists of the program “Schemes” in the process of surveillance of the estate of President Poroshenko in Kozyn found out that Poroshenko takes secret visitors in the night.

According to journalists, the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau visited the house in which he lives Poroshenko.

The meeting was held late in the evening of 26 April. At the same time, the gate of the residence was recorded machines used by the Deputy from BPP Alexander Granovsky, who was called by the courts from looking behind Poroshenko.

Sytnik confirmed the meeting, however, no meeting with Alexander Granovsky. Granovsky has not responded to the request of journalists, as well as Poroshenko.

Night trip for the President and gave new food to the rumors that the head of the NABU focuses not only on the American Embassy (as many thought), but is in communication with Poroshenko.

Moreover, after leaving Poroshenko as President Sytnik was accused that he was actively leaking case against Poroshenko, Granovsky and other representatives of the former government.

The suspicion of possible links Sytnyk and the team Poroshenko said “Country,” and sources in the President’s Office.

Charges of receiving bribes

In the spring of 2019 extradited former MP and the head of holding “Elektromerezhi” Dmitry Kryuchkov, which the NABOO were accused of illegal withdrawal of “Zaporizhiaoblenergo” about 1.4 billion, said that gave the Rush a bribe.

According to him, 500 thousand dollars he allegedly gave in exchange for assistance in his case.

Dmitry Kryuchkov

It is not excluded was that the statement about the bribe Sytnik could be a technical ploy by the lawyers to transfer the case Kryuchkov of the NABOO in the RRG.

Scandalous for a vacation Exactly

22 may 2019 the RRG opened criminal proceedings against Artem Sytnik. The reason he did not declare a holiday on one of the hunting lodges in the Rivne region.

In this regard, it is untested and that he could obtain illegal benefit, if his stay was paid for by other people.

From 2017 to 2019, the Director of NABU at least five times spent leisure time in the forests of Polesye, in the hunting farm “Polesye-Sarny”. Each time the pastime was not cheap and cost about 100 thousand hryvnias. This included the rental houses on 3-5 days, hunting, fishing, boating, Quad Biking, restaurant “Zaliv” on the hotel’s grounds, fireworks and many other attractions.

Treated the official there rich: sausages, cheeses, sweets, alcohol, including Hennessy cognac, Chivas Regal and Grey Goose vodka. I wonder what delicacies bypasses formal cuisine. They were brought from outside the hotel, to avoid checks.

On this holiday Artem Sytnik has managed to break two Quad bikes, the repair of which cost about four thousand dollars.

The main witness against the head of NABOO Nicholas Nagako told us not only how paid for the holiday rush, but that officer had borrowed money from him 50 thousand, then three thousand dollars, but every time I forget to return the favor.

In this case the head of the NAB testified in closed session, the meeting of journalists is not allowed. In the end, on 9 September 2019 the court of Rivne region declared Sytnyk guilty of adminnarushenii. He was sentenced to a fine of 3,400 hryvnia.

Soon the lawyer Artem Sytnik appealed. However, the Appeals court upheld the fine for undeclared guests. This verdict was delivered on 13 December 2019. That is Sytnik now officially corrupt.

By the way, in parallel Sytnik got into another scandal. The fact that Nadeko now works in the company “Avangard”, Advisor Natalia Vasilyuk – the sister of the owner of this company, major agrobusinessmen Oleg Bakhmatyuk.

At the end of last year, NAB announced a suspicion Oleg Bakhmatyuk.

Bakhmatyuk called it a personal vendetta rush for testimony against the head of NABOO gave Nadeko.

“The corruption case Sytnyk based in fact on the testimony of Nadeco, said Bakhmatyuk in an interview with “the Country”. – In any civilized country such a coincidence indicates the presence of a conflict of interest, which you well knew the attorney General Ryaboshapka, when they illegally transferred the case Sytnik. And what makes now Sytnik against me – his personal revenge for the testimony of Nadeco. By the way, I Nadeko met in the building of the NABU in the presence of disturbance and his Deputy Novak”.

Последняя охота Сытника. Главные скандалы с участием директора НАБУ

Последняя охота Сытника. Главные скандалы с участием директора НАБУ