The last minute of the negotiation of pilot helicopter Kobe Bryant and Manager

There was a video of negotiations of the dispatcher and the pilot of the helicopter Sikorsky S-76, resulting in a crash which killed Kobe Bryant. The helicopter took off from the airport named after John Wayne at 9:06 a.m. local time.

In these hours over Los Angeles hung strong morning fog at airports has been delayed a few flights. According to the NY Post and TMZ, during this period, because of the weather conditions do not fly even police helicopters.

Transcript of conversation between pilot and Manager

Manager: 2EX (helicopter Coby – Спорт24), pressure 30.19 in our instrument rules (there is a visual VFR when the weather is good and there are instrument IFR when the visibility is bad Спорт24), your intentions.

Pilot: Continue special visual flight rules (special visual flight rules Special VFR are requested when the pilot is flying in transit through areas with poor conditions, but expect good visibility at destination – Спот24). Heading along highway 101.

Manager: Occupy the waiting area outside Bernanke, I have a plane that goes to the second round (in your direction).

The PilotExpected.

Manager: I Have a “Website” (meaning the plane is a Cessna Satasen, – Спорт24), which goes to the second round. The delay is about three minutes.

Pilot: Well, wait.

Manager: For your planning: you can count the flight to the North from the airport, I just talked to van NUYS (adjacent to the dispatch area – Спорт24), they have a few planes taking off from runway 16, so we can expect the fifth flight over the highway.

Pilot: No problem.

Manager: Follow along fifth highway, continue flight under special visual conditions at an altitude of 2,500 feet (760 meters) or less (probably this was done to ensure that the pilot continued to see the land above 2500 was cloud – Спорт24).

Pilot: Continue flight under special visual conditions, follow fifth on the highway.

Manager: You are permitted entrance to zone over Burbank from the South-East to North-West.

Pilot: Roger, continue flight under special visual conditions.

Manager: You wanted to follow over 118 (highway)?

Pilot: We will fly over to van NUYS to get on highway 101.

Manager: Understood.

Manager: Continue to follow the fifth, and then turn on the 118-E. Then you’ll have a Manager in van NUYS, radar coverage is limited. Work with van NUYS.

Pilot: van NUYS, is 2EX, part of your area for special visual conditions, we are now at 1,400.

Manager: Weather conditions calm, visibility 2.5 miles, the lower boundary of cloudiness, 1100, pressure 30.16. You are allowed flying East along highway 118. Call me when you’re in visual conditions.

Pilot: Continue flight over 118, 1,400.

Manager: When will our area want to get in touch with Socalm?

Pilot: Confirm.

Pilot: Tower, we can begin to turn South-West towards the 101?

Manager: Allowed. You go to visual flight conditions?

Pilot: Visual conditions, altitude 1500.

Manager: Thank you, work with Socalm.

The Manager Was Socal: Identified. Are you asking radar escort?

(Perhaps the pilot was responsible, but you can’t hear it because of the remote location of the radio.)

Manager: Your intentions?

Manager: You’re far too low for radar maintenance.

Communication perebivaetsya.

The record of negotiations of the dispatcher and pilot Kobe Bryant

What is known about the death of Kobe Bryant?

The crash occurred near Los Angeles, namely, near Kalabas the morning of January 26 local time. According to the authorities of the Gourd, the helicopter crashed over a remote field.

Media reports that the accident occurred 25 minutes into the flight, before that, at an altitude of 500 meters with a car lost contact.

The Federal aviation administration, for its part, reported that the accident occurred under “unknown circumstances”.

On Board were nine people. Along with Kobe Bryant was his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.