The Last of Us Part II came out: how much does it cost and where to buy

The Last of Us Part II вышла: сколько стоит игра и где купить

The Last of Us Part II вышла: сколько стоит игра и где купить

Hosted the global release of the highly anticipated game “the last of us. Part II” (The Last of Us Part II) on the PlayStation 4. For the basic version of the game in Ukraine please 1 899 UAH, and expanded edition – 2 199 USD.

Digital extended edition includes: digital soundtrack, digital mini-Artbook from Dark Horse, the six avatars PSN for the PlayStation 4 dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4, reports 24 channel.

What’s the game about

The game takes place five years after the events of the first part and 25 years after the disaster caused by the pandemic of the Cordyceps fungus. You play as a grown up Ellie, which at the time of the events of the sequel turned 19.

In the sequel, The Last of Us we are waiting for the continuation of the story of Joel and Ellie who now live in a small settlement. However, the peaceful existence is interrupted by the unexpected violence that makes Ellie embark on a journey of revenge.

Critics met the project even better than the first part. Praise almost everything from history, where the rise of complex topics like xenophobia and endless cycle of violence, to the gameplay, which now offers much more opportunities and ditalini design that helps to better immerse themselves in the story.

Trailer The Last of Us Part II:

Where to buy the game

The Last of US Part II is already available in stores. You can easily purchase the regular version game, which will cost 1 899 UAH and the extended version, which is 2 199 UAH.

The digital version for the same price you can buy in the official store PlayStation Store.

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