The last word of the presidents of Belarus and Russia agreed on a roadmap for unification of the countries

Последнее слово за президентами: Беларусь и Россия согласовали дорожную карту объединения стран

Russia and Belarus agree on the integration agreement, which is provided by the agreement signed in 1999. On November 29 in Moscow said on the sidelines of the international conference Ambassador Minsk to Moscow Vladimir Semashko.

“The presidents agreed that the objectives stated enormous and they should not be changed. This transition to a unified tax law, the creation of common markets of oil, gas and electricity, to create a single Parliament and a government with certain powers when an independent Russia and Belarus give up certain control functions with enforceability. This problem is now solved”, – quotes TUT.BY the words of a diplomat. At the same time, Semashko noted that the Prime Ministers of the two countries have already agreed on 20 of the 30 roadmaps of deeper integration.

“The last word is for the presidents of the countries. I am convinced that problems will be solved,” said Semashko.

In the roadmaps stipulated, in particular, the creation of single markets by 2021. But still have to live with for the next year and get a certain price of gas, and also to solve the problem of compensation of the tax maneuver, he added. According to him, while the price of gas in the Smolensk region is twice lower than in Belarus.