The latest version of Windows 10 does not allow you to use the printer

Последняя версия Windows 10 не позволяет использовать принтеры

Laser Printer on the table in Office.

Software updates and operating systems today are really no different than anything else, what all have long been accustomed. In General, the updates all are extremely positive because they are almost always either bring any new features or capabilities, or improve the safety and reliability that exactly the same is extremely important. Nevertheless, even though companies and manufacturers release their updates with good intentions, all the same, unfortunately, is not always possible to bring them to perfection.

In this plan absolutely everything wrong, even the largest companies – Apple, Google and even Microsoft. And if we talk about the latter, she has just released another update for Windows 10, which aims to significantly improve the safety of the platform. Unfortunately, the update contains a very unpleasant bugs that previously was absent. The essence of these errors is that they print, and in some cases use of a printer is impossible. So if you haven’t installed the latest firmware, KB4560960 or KB4557957, which was released on June 9 it is better to wait for the next, more stable version that corrects the flaws present now.

If you refer to the numerous complaints from users of Reddit and forum, Microsoft Answers, you can understand that this problem affects a variety of printer models from HP, Canon, Panasonic, Brother and Ricoh ending. And depending on what you have a printer, just the same, and depends on what kind of problem you may encounter. Fortunately, the Microsoft did not deny anything, but instead immediately posted the entry, which in turn confirms that the KB4557957 update may cause some printers may not function in its present form.

And of course, immediately thereafter, the company wrote that at the moment she is actively engaged in the development of the next update, which is just the same and will have to fix which was really a massive problem. Nevertheless, in case you can’t wait then you can either try to reinstall the drivers for your printer, or revert to a previous, stable version of Windows 10 that does not have such a problem with the printer.

Последняя версия Windows 10 не позволяет использовать принтеры

Последняя версия Windows 10 не позволяет использовать принтеры


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