The launch of passenger Crew Dragon capsule moved: what’s the matter

Запуск пассажирской капсулы Crew Dragon перенесли: в чем дело

SpaceX for the third time postponed a test run of a passenger Crew Dragon capsule, which is to deliver people to the International space capsule.

The first launch of the spacecraft was to be held in early January. Then the launch was postponed in early February. And now it became known that the mission of SpaceX has been postponed again.

According to the official website of NASA, is now scheduled for March 2, 2019. As you know, this is an important program for the United States, which for many years has not been able to launch people into space. In addition to SpaceX, this mission can also help the Boeing company. She will conduct a test of its passenger capsules in April 2019.

In July to be held mission SpaceX Demo 2 people on Board. The same test Boeing is scheduled for August.

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