The launch of the channel for the occupied territories: Borodyanka reported interesting details

Запуск канала для оккупированных территорий: Бородянский сообщил интересные детали

Ukrainian foreign broadcasting channel UATV 13 Jan stopped work in English, Arabic and Crimean Tatar edition. But the government decided to launch a new channel for the occupied territories.

These actions in the “What it was” on channel 24 said the Minister of culture, youth and sport Volodymyr Borodyansky.

He stressed that UATV 2016 has spent $ 620 million. This is a lot of money, so the Minister asked the executives what their audience is and how many spectators look at them. However, this simple question was never answered.

We found that people watch this channel on average 6.5 minutes per month. According to our estimates, live audience, which includes watching this channel, measured in tens of thousands. Compared to the cost to him is very little

– explained the official.

And added that broadcasting in the temporarily occupied territories is very important. Therefore, the Ukrainian television, which is planning to launch will cover 80% of the population.

Borodyansky said that the Ministry agreed with almost all Ukrainian media groups about providing premiere content for this channel. Media group “Ukraine”, for example, will give him the right to broadcast all football matches, including the Shakhtar.

“We intend to launch the channel on 15 February, but now understand that it is not time. So expect that it will be on March 1. The name, the face channel is still in the process”, – assured the Minister.

On the development of Crimean Tatar culture

He stressed that the important is the story and with the Crimean Tatar channel, for which the Ministry was criticized. Borodyansky said that there is an active cooperation with the Parliament – that the work of the ATR channel was transparent and efficient.

Previously, the owner of the Crimean Tatar channel ATR Lenur islyamov said that the media is on the verge of closing. All because of funding problems, in particular, from the state budget. Borodyansky once again assured that in 2020 the problems with the financing of the channel will not be.

What is known about the ATR?ATR is the first Crimean Tatar TV channel, founded in 2006. Broadcasting in the Crimean Tatar, Russian and Ukrainian languages. In 2015, stopped broadcasting because the occupants refused to issue him a license, and subsequently restored it from Kiev.

Among other channel worked such famous journalists as muzhdabaev, Roman Skrypin or Arkady Babchenko.

“We Ukrainian cultural Foundation working on the creation of different programs for development of Crimean Tatar culture and language. There are many elements that allow us to develop the Ukrainian cultural space and the strongholds in the occupied territories”, – he concluded.

By the way, earlier the Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky has announced that the product of the channel will likely be bilingual.

Запуск канала для оккупированных территорий: Бородянский сообщил интересные детали