The law enforcers arrested the alleged accomplices of terrorist Lutsk

Правоохранители задержали возможных сообщников луцкого террориста

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the terrorist Maxim Lutsky Compressor has accomplices. Some have been detained, one of them – in Kharkiv. He said this during a briefing, July 21, writes KP.

His accomplices arrested. Here, a few hours ago in Kharkiv detained one, with whom he had business contacts. There have confiscated several weapons, ammunition, explosives and so on, – said Avakov.

Avakov described the terrorists as “unbalanced person who drew a world invented revenge of the world.”

Is such a criminal world, which has long been in jail and has painted his concept of justice and the value of human life, – said the Minister.

The Minister also said that security personnel were unexpected shot Krivosha. According to Avakov, the bullet flew in 15-20 centimeters from Koval, who transferred the hostages packages of food and water.


Kharkov law enforcers carried out searches in the house of one of the detainees.

Today in Kharkov was detained a man who can be a accomplice of the man who seized hostages in luck. Now the police of Kharkiv together with the SBU conducts searches at the residential address of that person. During the searches, seized weapons, explosives. All withdrawn is directed on expert research. Now with the detainee investigators – said the press service of the regional police.

Meanwhile, the Kharkiv media write about the details of the arrest of a possible accomplice Lutsk terrorist.

Operation on detention was conducted in Kharkiv police and SBU. The defendant – 43-the summer local. According to the preliminary version, Compressor sent him a postal parcel – so the security forces managed to marry a possible accomplice. In the course of the search he seized a grenade f-1 and RGD, a TT pistol with a silencer and ammunition. At the moment investigations are continuing, reports NewsRoom.


On the morning of 21 July in Lutsk, Volyn region Maxim Compressor took hostage the passengers of the bus “Berestechko – krasylivka”. There were 16 people. The luck came the interior Minister Arsen Avakov and other officials. Negotiations began with the terrorists.

So, the invader demanded that all the key heads of departments of Ukraine, heads of ministries and churches oligarchs to publish on social media videos with such content: “I, full name, position, I am a terrorist in the law.” And from the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to shoot and share video with the words: “Film “Earthlings” 2005 view all”. Otherwise, he threatened to blow up all the passengers and stated that somewhere in the territory of luck also the explosive device.

Later Zelensky recorded video corresponding with the text, which he was required Compressor. After lengthy conversations, the invader released three hostages – a child, a pregnant woman and an elderly woman.

In the evening, the result of the assault a terrorist Maxim Compressor was arrested and the hostages freed. Fortunately, has done without victims.

Vladimir Zelensky
Law enforcement officers