The law on language in Ukraine can change: experts told about the possible status of the Russian

Закон о языке в Украине могут изменить: эксперты рассказали о возможном статусе русского

In Ukraine may revise the quotas of the Ukrainian language in favor of Russian, so it can be regional in the occupied Donbas in the case of a de-escalation of the conflict in the region.

This is referred to in article OBOZREVATEL about the possibility of changing the language of the law, which recently hinted the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov.. According to the former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev, Ukrainian politicians can agree to the request of the Kremlin on the language issue, on one condition.

“I do not exclude that they can agree “on the Russian language in the Donbas in exchange for certain concessions to the Russians in the process of de-escalation of the conflict and return the region back to Ukraine”, – said the ex-politician.

It is worth noting that Russian officials are constantly demanding the return of Russian language in educational process in Ukraine. For them it is a question at least. Max is the status of the Russian language in Ukraine as a second state. From time to time, some Ukrainian politicians remind us of this, submitting the relevant bills.

The article also refers to the fact, “initiative “Servants of the people” (about changing the language of the law. – ed) will definitely affect the quotas, if only because that “Quarter 95” produces a Russian product, and the former frontman of the band Vladimir Zelensky (even becoming head of state) constantly complains about this tool for protection of Ukrainian product.

“We should also expect the abolition of the law, effective from 2021: exam level of knowledge of state language during acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship and the mandatory use of the Ukrainian language in cinemas, theatres and museums, and the service sector. And, of course, is the official status of the Russian language for a number of regions”, – stated in the article.